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Product Care

Throughout our creation process, we've paid attention to the details to ensure your kit not only looks great, but also consistently performs to the highest standard.




This is where you'll find garment-specific information on how to care for your kit.


DON'T WASH THEM (very often)


You heard right. Our garments are treated with an anti-bacterial solution to prevent the growth of bacteria and odour. Less kit washes is also good news for the environment, as washing synthetic fabrics leads to microplastics being released into our water systems. 

Washing your kit less also ensures it retains its colour, shape and technical qualities for longer.




When you do need to wash your kit (maybe after an exceptionally muddy run) then our tips below will keep your kit in top condition. 

Colour care - Always separate out your colours for washing.

Do not dry against direct heat - To get the longest lifespan from your kit, hang your garments to air dry immediately after washing.

Do not tumble dry - We recommend that you air dry all of your sports products. This will help maintain the spandex fibres and keep your garment looking good.

Do not use fabric softener - Due to the natural qualities of your performance fabrics, we do not recommend using fabric softener. The performance fabrics have a very soft finish and the technical properties perform better when fabric softener is not used.

Make sure all zips on your garments are closed before washing - This helps to prevent any snagging during washing. 

Flip reverse it - Wash your garments inside out and avoid mixing soft, delicate fabrics with more harsh fabrics and trims.